Other Services

Wash & Set Your Wig: $25 - $50. Please allow at least 3 days for this service. 

Wig Fitting: FREE

Wig Cutting: $10 bang cut. Cut damaged ends: Up to $30. Bang cuts are FREE if you purchase the wig here on the same day. 

Wig Styling for Special Occasion: $40-$70

Consultations: Must be scheduled at least one week in advance. 

Consultations / Evaluations: Unsure of the choices you have made? Come in with your wigs, clothing and makeup and I will help you see what will work for you and where you can make better choices. $50 per hour

Color Consultation: Let me help find the makeup colors that are right for your complexion. $40 - FREE if makeup is purchased here. 

Mail Service: $10 per package for first week it arrives. $5 each additional week. You MUST contact the store before any packages are scheduled for delivery. 

Breast Form Sizing: FREE

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