Makeovers and Makeup Lessons: 
Must be scheduled at least one week in advance. 

Makeovers: $75- Includes a simple wig styling on your own wig. $25 additional if styling is to be done on your natural hair. Most makeovers take about 45 minutes. Makeovers are scheduled from 12 noon to 6 pm.  

Before-Hour/After-Hour Makeovers (Makeovers before store opens or after it closes):  $125 

Off-Hour Makeover Sessions (Makeovers on days when the store is closed- Sunday, Monday or Tuesday): $200. 

Special Occasion Makeovers: (Holidays, performances, fashion shows etc.) $125-$175 Depending on how elaborate. 

Makeup Lessons: 
"Learning how to feminizing your face is even more important than knowing how to feminize your body". 
Learn the art of feminizing your face through color, blending, highlighting, concealing and contouring. 

Basic Makeover Lesson: $125. I do your makeover and explain in detail everything that I am doing. May take approximately up to  1.5 hours

Detailed Makeover Lesson: $200. I will do your entire face and write down everything that I am doing in a chart for you to take home. May take approximately up to  2.5 hours

Comprehensive Makeover Lesson: $300. This is, by far, the most popular lesson I provide. You and I will switch back and forth as I do one side of your face and you do your other side under my instruction. I show you how to correct any mistakes as well as easy and fast tricks to take your makeup from morning, to afternoon to evening without having to redo your entire face. We will write the step by step process as well as place the numerical order of each step. May take approximately up to  3.5 hours

*If lessons run past closing time, $50 for each additional hour after closing will be charged. 

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