Wig Tips

*** WIG Tip #1: Many people have receding hairlines or don't have hair so they may not know where exactly a wig should sit on their heads. Too many times you see girls with their wigs sitting way too low. Here is a valuable tip. Look in the mirror and wrinkle your forehead by raising your eyebrows. Look for the very last wrinkle on your forehead, move an inch up from it and that is where your hairline should be!

*** WIG Tip #2: Stay away from hair products that contain alcohol. Because a wig is not alive, it cannot replenish itself. Alcohol will dry it quickly; greatly reducing the life of your wig whether it is human or synthetic.

*** WIG Tip #3: Use Fabreeze when storing your wig. It keeps it smelling fresh and helps get rid of that tired, after-hours smell.

*** WIG Tip #4: Don't shy away from bangs; bangs are your our friends ladies. A good bang will hide masculine foreheads un-arched eyebrows and masculine brow bones. There are very few ladies who can get away with no bangs: layered styles with fringe that frames the face work great on tgirls. The fringe around the face will help camouflage masculine lines including square jaws.
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